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What is Handleforme

“We are not only building up a marketplace to match users with service providers in UAE. We are building economic opportunities for local service providers and improving the quality standards for services within our community.”CompanyBanner

The service industry is limitless in UAE. Everything in our lives is more connected into the 21st century.You can order food, buy anything you want on various e-commerce sites, hire a cleaner, call a personal care service and even fuel up your car at your garage. All these services are available through multiple apps in the market, and all you need is to download and ask for the service you need.

However, nobody is happy with the service in the end, since the quality is deficient, and the prices are very high compared to what you are getting. Moreover, most of these services make you deal with various service providers, who don’t care about quality or even deal with your complaints when delivering the service. As a result, we continuously searched for the right professionals through google search or friend recommendations.


This situation made us ask the following questions:

  • How can we find trusted professionals who get the job done by handling our needs properly?
  • How can we reduce the time and effort for spending endless hours on web searches and phone calls to find the right professionals?
  • How can we get better quality at a more reasonable price range rather than dealing with almost the same and high prices from similar small vendors in the market?

The current players in the market were addressing the second problem point to reduce the time spent on finding the service provider. But this was not enough for what we were looking for.

This is how we come up with the idea for Handleforme.com.

We think that:

  • ✓ It should not be complicated to find the right professional to get the job done. We should not deal with vendors who are hard to communicate with or not trustworthy for providing us the service we are looking for.
  • ✓ We should ensure a standard quality both for people who are paying money to get a service and professionals putting effort into handling the problem.
  • ✓ We should provide alternative opportunities for people with different price ranges and expertise while creating new job opportunities to grow the economy in the country.


Our goal is simple:

To provide better service quality and ease of mind for day-to-day requirements while getting the best value for money. At the same time, to create alternative opportunities for individuals to do what they love to do as a service provider in various categories to turn their hobbies into revenue opportunities.

At Handleforme, we’re not just creating a new era for service providers and users. We’re supporting local economies while helping small businesses across the country and building stronger communities.

Handleforme is for everyone. Our handlers, users, and employees come from all walks of life across the region. Together, we’re on a mission to help everyone do life’s work with joy and purpose.

Our Mission;

We remove the hassle of choosing the right service provider with the highest quality standards while creating economic opportunities for local professionals.

Our Vision;

Becoming the most loved and trusted service provider across the Middle East, where customers assign tasks to professionals who love what they are doing!