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9 unique iftar dishes to impress your guests this Ramadan

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Ramadan is the holiest and most important month in the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, an act of worship and a way to build empathy with less fortunate people. Iftar is the meal that Muslims have to break their fast every day. It is a time to gather with friends and family and to share delicious meals that have been prepared with love and care. If you are looking for some inspiration to impress your guests this Ramadan, here are five unique Iftar dishes that are sure to delight.

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken shawarma is a delicious Middle Eastern dish that is easy to make and perfect for Iftar. To prepare this dish, you will need boneless chicken breasts, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, coriander, paprika, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Marinate the chicken in the spices and lemon juice for a few hours or overnight. When it's time to cook, heat some oil in a pan and cook the chicken until it's golden brown on both sides. Serve the shawarma with some pita bread, tahini sauce, and fresh veggies.

Harira Soup

Harira soup is a traditional Moroccan soup that is served during Ramadan. This hearty soup is made with lamb or beef, lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, and a blend of spices. It is often served with dates, which is a traditional way to break the fast. To make this soup, start by browning the meat in a pot. Add the onions, garlic, and spices, and cook until fragrant. Add the lentils, chickpeas, and tomatoes, along with some water or stock. Simmer the soup until the lentils are tender, and then serve hot with some fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice.



Biryani is a popular South Asian dish that is perfect for Iftar. This dish is made with fragrant basmati rice, meat (chicken, beef, or lamb), and a blend of spices. To prepare this dish, you will need to cook the rice separately and then layer it with the cooked meat and spices. You can also add some fried onions, raisins, and nuts to give the dish some extra flavor and texture. Biryani is often served with raita (a yogurt sauce), and some fresh veggies.

Falafel Wraps

Falafel wraps are a delicious and healthy Iftar option that is perfect for vegetarians. Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish that is made with chickpeas, herbs, and spices. To make the falafel, blend the chickpeas, herbs, and spices in a food processor until you have a smooth paste. Form the mixture into small balls and fry them until they are golden brown. To make the wraps, heat some pita bread in the oven or on the stove, and then stuff them with the falafel, some tahini sauce, and fresh veggies.


Kunafa is a sweet and indulgent dessert that is often served during Ramadan. This dessert is made with shredded phyllo dough, cheese, sugar syrup, and nuts. To make this dessert, start by melting some butter in a baking pan. Layer the shredded phyllo dough in the pan, and then add a layer of cheese. Repeat this process until you have used up all the dough and cheese. Bake the kunafa in the oven until it's golden brown and crispy. Once it's done, pour some sugar syrup over the kunafa, and top it with some chopped nuts. Serve the kunafa warm or at room temperature.

Turkish Lahmacun

Lahmacun is a popular Turkish dish that is often served as a snack or appetizer during Ramadan. It is a thin, crispy flatbread that is topped with a spicy ground beef mixture, tomatoes, onions, and parsley. It is usually served with a side of lemon wedges, which you can squeeze over the top for extra flavor. Lahmacun is easy to make and can be served as a main course or appetizer.


Pakistani Haleem

Haleem is a traditional Pakistani dish that is often served during Ramadan. It is a thick stew that is made with a blend of lentils, wheat, and meat, which is usually beef or chicken. The stew is slow-cooked for hours with a blend of spices, which gives it a rich and hearty flavor. Haleem is usually served with a side of naan bread or roti, which is perfect for soaking up the delicious sauce.

Lebanese Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a popular Lebanese dish that is often served during Ramadan. It is made with a mixture of ground beef or lamb, bulgur wheat, onions, and a blend of spices. The mixture is formed into small balls or patties and then fried until crispy. Kibbeh is usually served with a side of tzatziki sauce or hummus, which adds a creamy and tangy flavor to the dish.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng is a popular Indonesian dish that is perfect for iftar. It is a fried rice dish that is made with a blend of spices, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. The dish is usually topped with a fried egg, which adds a rich and creamy flavor to the dish. Nasi goreng is easy to make and can be customized with your favorite ingredients.



Iftar is a special time of day during Ramadan, and it's a time to share delicious meals with friends and family. These five unique Iftar dishes are sure to impress your guests and make your Ramadan celebrations extra special. Whether you prefer savory or sweet dishes, there is something for everyone on this list. So why not try something new this Ramadan and wow your guests with these delicious and flavorful dishes? If you would like to have a professional and nice touch on your Iftar, please reach out to Handleforme team to arrange all for you!


Q1. Are these Iftar dishes difficult to make?

A1. While some of these dishes may require a bit of preparation, they are not overly complicated to make. With a bit of patience and practice, anyone can make these dishes. Handleforme team is ready to find right chefs or catering options for you whenever you need.

Q2. Can I modify these recipes to suit my taste?

A2. Yes, absolutely! Feel free to modify these recipes to suit your taste preferences. Add more spice or less spice, adjust the amount of salt, or add more or less of a particular ingredient. You can also ask our chefs to create dishes based on your requirements.

Q3. Can these dishes be made ahead of time?

A3. Yes, some of these dishes can be made ahead of time. For example, you can prepare the chicken shawarma marinade and marinate the chicken overnight. You can also prepare the harira soup a day in advance and reheat it when it's time to serve. Or, just tell us when you want these all to be delivered to you.

Q4. Can these dishes be made in large quantities?

A4. Yes, these dishes can be scaled up to serve larger groups of people. Simply adjust the ingredients accordingly. Handleforme can support you on preparation for your large size gatherings as well.

Q5. Are these dishes suitable for vegetarians?

A5. Yes, the falafel wraps are a vegetarian option, and the kunafa can also be made without cheese for a vegan option.

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