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A side business provides you with an alternative source of income that increases your earnings and gives you more authority over your choices. In addition, you are no longer bound to your job because now you have something of your own that is your hobby and can also generate your revenue!

However, it is not easy to come up with a side hustle idea or decide on side jobs while you have a full-time job. Here are a few side hustles that you can pursue if you want to be an entrepreneur and improve your lifestyle.


An Event Planning and Organizing Startup

Seasonality is a factor in both the event and wedding industries. This is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in event planning as a second career. Suppose you have considered working as a **freelance event planner **or seasonal event and wedding planner. In that case, it is a fantastic option because it allows you to make some great money out of your hobby.

You can go with planning weddings which is a big-time commitment. But suppose you don't have a lot of time. In that case, you can simply go with organizing small events like birthday parties, office parties, and get-togethers.

Build A Photography Portfolio

Taking photos for clients and selling the images directly to them is the initial step to starting a photography business or being a freelance photographer as a side hustle. After that, you can focus on a specific niche, including engagement photography, weddings, newborn photography, group photography, professional photography, etc. You could also create a variety of portraits. Even if you are not a commercial photographer, starting a photography side hustle as a hobby can earn you a lot of money.


Serve as DJ At Exciting Parties

Starting a DJ business could be a terrific way to supplement your income if you have a passion for music and an aptitude for entertaining a crowd. Though having a company may be scary to some, a freelancing DJ job can be an ideal method for the right person to get into the industry of entrepreneurship.

Owning a profitable DJ business is certainly within your reach with some forethought and a healthy dose of self-confidence. Many people enjoy being a DJ at small parties and like to stay in their comfort zone. Still, if you want to properly kick start freelancing or building a side hustle career, you must step out of your comfort zone and explore freely.

Like Tending the Bar? Make Money Out of It!

When it comes to becoming a bartender, there are generally two options. You can either take a bartending lesson at a professional bartending school or work your way up at a local pub by taking whatever job you can find. Regardless of which path you choose, you'll need to be familiar with various cocktail recipes. In addition, suppose you want to succeed in this industry.

You can also lookup bartender classes cost and take a few lessons to improve your skills. In that case, you'll need an eye for precision, a thorough understanding of spirits and cocktail components, fast hands, and a welcoming demeanour. You will undoubtedly score fantastic bartender jobs in Dubai.

Like To Bake, Cook and Show Off Your Culinary Skills? Here's The Perfect Job Idea For You


For many businessmen nowadays, side hustles are the talk of the town. They can assist you in earning extra money and improving your career. When it comes to building side hustles as a chef, you have several alternatives. There is a huge demand for *personal chef* jobs in the market. There are endless things you may do with cooking abilities and a culinary degree, whether you want to start a small business or look for passive income.

For example, you can go with creating your own baking company and market it through social media as well. Some people with culinary skills also prefer to do side gigs as private chefs for different events. This can build up to something unique, and before you know it, you will be running a successful startup.

Style Everyone Around You!

Suppose you have a particular interest in makeovers and hairstyling. In that case, being a professional makeup artist or hairstylist Dubai is the best way to start earning money from your hobby. However, even though it is one of the easiest startups to initiate, you need to keep a few things in your mind. Starting with getting a **freelance visa Dubai **you can quickly start looking for freelance jobs in Dubai.

Your Location: Take a look around your neighbourhoods to see what your customers are willing to pay. Hair artists Dubai concentrate on local consumers by listing your company in Google's directory. Then, when someone in your area needs a beautician, you will be there.

Target Audience: If you're going after the luxury market, don't be afraid to charge a higher price. Just make sure you have the qualifications and experience to back up your price.


Give Away Gifts as Souvenirs

This is something for people who are interested in arts and crafts. If you find your creative side tickling you once in a while, maybe this is the right time to start freelancing, use your talents in the best way possible, and create a giveaway job or giveaway gift jobs. You can go with homemade objects or kick it up a notch and make gift baskets for different occasions. Many people like to put these little things as souvenirs at their parties.

HandleForMe supports freelancers and part-time side hustles from home, and we ensure that you will get the best experience of your life. So, whether you are a client approaching us with a business perspective or looking to avail of our services. We are here to provide you with the best experience, and you can surely trust us with the essential things in your life!

Looking for a Freelance Visa in UAE?

Whether you are a freelance photographer Dubai, freelance DJ in Dubai, Personal Chefs in Dubai, or freelance make-up artist, you might be wondering about how to get a freelance visa in UAE. If you are looking for a freelance visa in UAE, it is very difficult to get one.

However, it is easy to get a trade license, thanks to Dubai Economic Department (DED). Handleforme helps you to get your trade license to formalize your business and get your license quickly from DED.

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