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The FIFA World Cup 2022, which is being held this year in Qatar, is widely anticipated by football lovers. The World Cup would be hosted for the first time in a Middle Eastern nation at this time. The games are scheduled for November 21 and December 18, 2022. They would be in 18 stadiums throughout Doha, Qatar's capital city.

The order in which the Qatar Airways tickets are sold for the games is first-come, first-served. There aren't any reservations. According to FIFA, 1.8 million Qatar World Cup Tickets were sold in the first two sales rounds. The total quantity of tickets offered was not disclosed by the Federation.


Only citizens, residents, and owners of the World Cup Hayya Card FIFA will be permitted entry into Qatar from November 1, according to the organizing committee for the competition. The ban on visitors who do not attend FIFA World Cup games will last until December 23, five days after the Championship Final in Doha.

All land, sea, and air crossings are limited in Qatar. Football fans with World Cup match tickets must also apply for a Hayya Card Fan ID entry permit, which we will explain later.

If you are one of the lucky fans who have acquired the ticket and want to go from Dubai to the Qatar World Cup, do not worry about restrictions and limitations. Here is everything you need to know about how to go Qatar from Dubai, how to go to Qatar from UAE and Bahrain to Qatar World Cup in time for the World Cup.

Rememeber The Hayya Card

If you're coming to the World Cup from Dubai, you need to remember that you'll need to apply for a Digital Hayya card. It is necessary to enter the country of Qatar, enter the stadiums (if you have a valid match ticket), and use free public transportation. It also includes free rides on the Doha Metro to and from the stadiums.


All travelers entering Qatar between November 1, 2022, and January 23, 2023, must apply for Hayya Card before traveling. Both daytrippers and fans who have lodging should be aware of Hayya card requirements. Match ticket holders may apply online at or via the Hayya Card App, which can be downloaded for iOS or Android by clicking here or here.

In the FIFA World Cup 2022 Hayya Card application, there are Hayya card photo requirements and other details that need to be met. You can collect your physical Hayya Card from the Hayya Card collection center.

There is also the option of having a Hayya Digital Card on your smartphone. For further details, you can go to the Hayya website and the Hayya card faq section. The website will provide information about getting a Hayya card and its validity.

Shuttle Flights From Dubai To Qatar

A big advantage for fans residing in Dubai is that you do not need Hayya card accommodation in Qatar. You can pop over for the match and fly back the same day. Note that flydubai shuttle flights will leave Dubai World Central (DWC) rather than Dubai International Airport (DXB) if you travel from Dubai to Qatar.

Up to 30 flights each day will go to Qatar. With most of them being quite affordable. Prices for economy classes begin at US$258 (Dhs950) and business classes at US$998 (Dhs3,665). Only hand luggage is included in the cost; for the economy. It would help to consider the Hayya Card price while setting your budget.


Driving To The World Cup 2022

As a fan residing in Dubai, travel might be too expensive for you, and you will question how can I get to Qatar from Dubai. We have another excellent option for you that is much more accommodating. There is the option of driving to the World Cup. You can look up how to go Qatar from Dubai by road. You can easily find proper routes along with travel details on how to go to the Qatar world cup by road.


COVID-19 Limitations

All visitors from Dubai to Qatar must present either a rapid antigen test result within 24 hours or a negative PCR test result within 48 hours of the scheduled departure time. Regardless of immune status, all travelers must follow the testing regulations.

GCC nationals and residents are not eligible for pre-entry online registration but must have the Ehteraz app. If you cannot go to Qatar, don't worry. You can create a great environment in the comfort of your home. Check out how handleforme can help you organize a Fifa World Cup Viewing Party at home.

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