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For any kid's birthday party, the most important part is to make the kid happy. Kids entertainers are the ones who can fulfill this task. They know how to make a kid's birthday memorable and special. There are several types of entertainers who can be hired for kid parties like magicians, clowns, face painters, balloon artists, glitter tattoos, etc., and each one has its own fun way of entertaining kids at birthdays! In this article, we will discuss all these things, from hiring an entertainer to making them do their best work

Entertainers are Key for Kid Parties

Entertainers are the most essential part of any kid's birthday party. The entertainer's job is to keep the kids busy and entertained so they have a good time at their special event. The entertainer will be key if you want your child's party to succeed!

It is essential to hire an experienced kid's party performer who has performed at events like yours before. This person should understand what it takes for kids' parties and be able to meet all of your entertainment needs.


The magician is a great way to keep the kids entertained. A magician can do tricks such as making things disappear and reappear, producing objects from thin air, etc.



Clowns are the most popular entertainers for kids' parties. Not only do they keep the kids laughing and entertained, but they also teach them basic tricks that will make your child feel special. They can perform magic tricks, tell jokes and stories and even juggle.

Face Painting

Face painting is one of the easiest and most fun ways to make children happy. Face painting is an activity that can be done in many different styles and designs, so you can choose something that suits your child’s interests. Face painting can also be used to make a child look like a superhero or another character they admire.

If you want, you could hire a face painter who specializes in making children look scary, like zombies! This would be great for Halloween parties where everyone dresses up as monsters and ghouls!

Balloon Art

Balloon Art is a great way to entertain kids at birthday parties. Balloon art is a great activity for kids and can be done by the entertainment professional or by the kids themselves. Balloon artists are costumed characters who do balloon art for kids. The best part of this kind of entertainment is that it's not only fun and exciting but also educational! Balloon artists can make many different types of balloon art, including animals, flowers, and other shapes. They can even do your child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero out of balloons! This will surely make them happy as they watch their favorite characters come to life right before their eyes!

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are temporary tattoos that are made of a special type of glue and glitter. They can be applied to the skin using a brush or a sponge, and they're removed easily with baby oil. Glitter tattoos can be used on kids of all ages, but they're especially great for younger kids because they're easy to apply and remove.


Drawing is a great activity for kids. It will keep them busy and engaged in the party. Kids can draw whatever they want on paper. They can use pencils, pens, or crayons to do so. Drawing helps improve motor skills in kids by making them focus on what they are drawing and how they are holding their pen/pencil while drawing it (pulling it up and down). It also develops their hand-eye coordination which is an important skill to have as an adult later on in life!

Drawing gives children an opportunity to express themselves through artwork; whether it's a picture of what they like or something else entirely!


Kid Games

  • Family Feud - If you have an older crowd, this is a great game to play. It's easy to learn and requires little setup (I've seen some DIY boards made from poster board). With the number of families that have seen the show on TV, it's hard to find someone who hasn't played this game before.
  • Name that Tune - This can be done with just music or add lyrics for an extra challenge. I love using the voice recorder app on my phone as a buzzer. The kids will love guessing if I'm right or wrong!
  • Twenty Questions - Classic game that doesn't need much explanation or prep time at all! The kids will love trying to stump each other while they wait their turn with questions like "What do animals eat?" or "What color is your hair?". If you don't have any cards available, then try writing your own questions on slips of paper so people can take turns choosing them randomly out of a pile instead!
  • Bingo - All you need for bingo are some markers/paints and small pieces of paper (the kind used in fortune cookies work really well). Since each child gets his/her own sheet, there isn't much cleanup involved unless you want everyone else's drawings too :) This one works best with larger groups though, since only 4 winners at once will mean less waiting around time between rounds."

Kid Dances

As having a kid's entertainer, you need to remember that every child is different and will have a different taste in what they like. That being said, there are some things that can help you make the kids happy on their birthdays.

  • Keep it short! Children's attention spans aren't very long, so try not to go over 10 minutes or so when doing your routine with them.
  • Keep it fun! Kids love dancing and playing games, so make sure that you incorporate some of those into your performance.
  • Keep it simple! Don't try and show off too much because then the kids won't get as much out of your act as they could otherwise. Also, remember that younger children don't always understand complex concepts like metaphors or other abstract ideas; keep them simple and age-appropriate when singing songs for example. If you're going to be doing magic tricks, make sure not too complicated either: 3-4 tricks should be enough for most birthday parties since there may be other activities taking place at once as well (e.g., face painting).

Costumed Characters

If you're looking for a way to keep your kids happy at a birthday party, look no further than costumed characters. You might be thinking that this sounds like something out of a cartoon or movie, but in reality it's quite common and very effective at keeping children entertained. Costumed characters can do all sorts of things with your child, including dancing with them or singing songs with them (make sure the character's costume is child-friendly and has clear instructions).

The great thing about costumed characters is that they can bring their own fun element into the party without requiring much effort from any other attendees. Since most people know what their favorite character looks like, they'll be excited to see one show up at their party—and even happier when they get to take a picture with them!


Meet and Greet Character Shows

Meet and greet character shows are a great way to get the kids of all ages excited about birthdays. They can be themed to your child’s favorite movie, book or popular comic book series. If a customized event is important to you, then this type of entertainment is perfect for you as they can tailor their performance to suit your needs.

These performances are also performed at venues of your choice, which means that if you have your heart set on having them perform at the local park or community center, they will do so!

Kids Entertainers are the most important part of any kids birthday party and their work is to keep the kids busy, happy and entertained.

Entertainers are the most important part of any kids birthday party and their work is to keep the kids busy, happy and entertained. There are many entertainers available for hire so it is very easy to book one for your child’s birthday party. Their main job is to make sure that your child has a great time at his/her special day by providing fun activities and games for them.

You can hire an entertainer from any company but you should always choose a reliable one as they are experienced professionals in this field. One thing you must keep in mind while hiring an entertainer is that they should have good communication skills so they can interact with children easily and make them feel comfortable around them. As handleforme we are offering multiple trusted entertainer options, you can see some ready packages on this link or for anything special for you please get in touch with us for the details!.

There are many types of entertainers who perform magic tricks at parties – clowns, face painters, etc., but there are also others who sing songs or dance on stage – magicians, etc., depending on what kind of party you want to organize for your kid!


Kids entertainers are a key part of any kids' birthday party, and their work is to keep the kids busy, happy, and entertained. There are many types of kid entertainers available in the market, but magicians, clowns, face painting, balloon art, glitter tattoos, etc. are the most popular among all, as these activities keep kids engaged for a long time without any boredom.


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