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How to Choose the Party Rentals?

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Accessories and party rental fall under these four categories, don’t worry, we will go through them all:

  • Lighting,
  • Party arrangements and entertainment,
  • Catering and décor,
  • Tent and shelter prep.

Holding a party outdoors is one of the most creative and fun ways to gather your loved ones. The great outdoors has such a wide range of possible options, and it is straightforward to customise it according to your taste with rentals. Your only responsibility as the host is to hire a good organizer and know the impotent details about party rentals.


Must-have Accessories for Your Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties could be of any kind, from pool parties to garden picnics and a barbecue. These parties are essential in the summer and springtime to enjoy great weather and have a good time with family and friends.

Your party needs to be a successful event that everything is thought out and well-planned. Everything needs to be done in a certain way, from the decor to the theme and the weather preparations. Meanwhile we put together a helpful guide that will help you understand the essential party rentals and other services.

By hiring an event planner, you can delegate almost all your worries to them. First, all you need to do is make some choices and have a budget. Then you can rest and enjoy your party.

Tent & Shelter Prep:

While hosting an open-air event, it is an absolute requirement to arrange for tents or some other form of shelter. Whether you're hosting an open-air barbecue, a backyard picnic, or a pool party in a park, tents are optimal for a successful evening. Many people mistake forgoing on the rental tent since they think it'll be a hassle. We will have you know that renting a tent of any nature is as simple as hiring a rental agency and asking for one. It is the agency’s responsibility to deliver, set it up, and take it down from there on out.


Depending on the scale and nature of your function, you can find different types and sizes of tents. In the case of events such as pool parties or summer barbecues. Where people are outdoors to enjoy the weather, just getting a tent sidewall and shelter is good enough. In other cases, such as evening parties, soirees, or get-togethers, it is more appropriate to get full-sized tents even if they're entirely open from one side.


The essential part of any open-air event is the lighting. Most open venues tend to give a free hand to the customer when it comes to lighting. Day occasions in your backyard or parks etc., are not dependent on that particular need. However, in any event, proceeding mid-afternoon, you must have lighting arrangements. Additionally, it is essential for the lighting to go with the decor yet be primal enough to have conversations, take photos. Also the venue needs to be an acceptable level of brightness.


Not only renting lighting fixtures is essential for successful communication, but it also plays a huge role in setting the aesthetic of the evening. The style of your light fixtures can give your event a modern luxurious feel or create the ambience of a magical outdoors. Your choices when are unlimited it comes to lighting rentals, everything from globe lights, spotlights, chandeliers, fairy lights, or even sconces. You can easily choose from a long list of light fixtures and have them delivered and set up by the rental agency.

Party Arrangements & Entertainment:


Hosting an event and not providing any source of entertainment is a disappointing step for the host. If you want to ensure that your guests have a memorable night full of joy, you need to arrange accordingly. One of the essential features that help set the mood of the event is the music. Meanwhile you can check our other blogpost for the music bands as well.


Whether hosting a jolly birthday party full of excitement or an elegant evening with fancy catering and sophisticated company, you need to arrange for a relevant music ambience. You can rent out a music system, a DJ, or even a string quartet. It all depends on the nature of your event. Some people nowadays choose to play their own playlist on repeat, which is simply not tasteful enough. A much more entertaining way is to reach out to your party rentals agency and ask for a service provider for the event.

Games & Entertainers

In a large-scale outdoor party, it might be a good idea to hire an outside source of food or games. For, e.g., you can rent a magic show, a puppet show, a favourite character or a photo booth at a birthday party. You also have the option to hire a vendor such as cotton candy or popcorn etc.

Catering and Decor

Last but not least is the decor and nourishments. There are endless choices when it comes to selecting your decor and catering needs. One necessary thing is to make sure your decor is appropriate to the nature of the event, and so is the food. Party rental agencies have setup catalogues that can help you choose the best decor for your party. The rental agencies have the knowledge and expertise to arrange the decor to make the venue spacious, functioning, yet a good environment for communication and festivals.

You can also get help regarding your catering needs from your party rental. They help you select the appropriate dishes and help you arrange everything from the dining area to the catering service itself.


After going over these basic guidelines for the best party rental and outdoor party tips, you are fully ready to handle your outdoor party. Handleforme is equipped with every service you could need for your events, such as personal chefs, live streaming, photographers, decors, and other rental services.

In summary,

  • Outdoor parties tend to be fun, elegant, and full of activities. However, they are tricky to organise.
  • Outdoor parties are best for summer festivities, birthdays, tea parties or evening dinners.
  • To organise the perfect outdoor party, you must hire an event decorator for the best outcomes.
  • Always make sure that your rental goods are in line and the lighting is perfect.

If you are planning a party and don't know how to start, you are just at the right place! A handler can make your life easier.

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