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There are some memories that children will not forget throughout their life, such as their birthdays. Being together with loved ones, precious family, and friends is one of a child's most beautiful gifts. So, if you want to organize an unforgettable birthday party for your little son or daughter, you need to make a good plan. We can give some suggestions for you for this planning phase. Maybe we can also save you from all the burden :).


All the planning you will make for the birthday party you organize will take place around this decision. Thanks to the theme you set for the party, you can decide quickly on many other things and proceed more straightforwardly.

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When choosing a theme for the birthday party, you can examine the likes of the child who is the main hero of the birthday. You can set a favorite book, movie, or cartoon as a theme. In the same way, you can use topics you are curious about, such as dinosaurs, cars, and the underwater world. Suppose you find it challenging to identify a theme. In that case, you can get inspiration from colors or concepts such as happiness, family, and love.

We have listed some possible popular options for a theme that you can check with your child.

  • Cocomelon Birthday Party Theme
  • Frozen Birthday Party Theme
  • Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme
  • Glitter and Sparkle Birthday Party Theme
  • Mermaid Birthday Party Theme
  • Baby Shark Birthday Party Theme
  • Unicorn Birthday Party Theme
  • Carnaval Birthday Party Theme
  • Cars Birthday Party Theme
  • Disney Princess Birthday Party Theme
  • Peppa Pig Birthday Party Theme
  • Fortnite Birthday Party Theme

You can see details on this link.


Organizing a birthday party at home is better in terms of economy and security. You can have a pleasant birthday party at your home or garden, where you know every opportunity and advantage.

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However, suppose you think the space will not be enough at home or you are afraid of cleaning after the party. In that case, you can also look for other venues or get help from handleforme. You can solve the party's service problem by reaching out to handleforme, to organize the birthday party at home with all details, including cleaning or arranging a venue for the birthday celebration.

If there is a need for children's tables and chairs, a cooler, or a heater based on the weather conditions, you can reach out to the handleforme team to provide all required rentals. Please check them out if you need any.


Children's fun can last until they are exhausted. However, it will be essential for you to use your energy efficiently if you make a time restriction at a party you organize yourself. Especially for a celebration you will hold outside, you should notify your guests of the party time. At the same time, you can use different times of the day to suit your theme.

Invite List and Invitations for Birthday Party

You don't want to make a birthday party nervous about the unexpected. Therefore, while planning the party, you should create a list of guests and inform them before so they can adjust their schedules. For this, you can also distribute a party invitation designed by the birthday party theme you set at the beginning. In this invitation, you can get feedback on the attendance status of the invitees or how many people will come. handleforme can make this design for you.


One of the essential steps in a birthday party organization is choosing and placing the party decorations. You can buy or make decorations in colors and textures suitable for your chosen theme.

All kinds of elements to be used in the party, such as wall decorations, ceiling decorations, candles, welcome decorations, and service personnel, are included in this category. They are within your selected theme and provide a harmonious and balanced appearance.

Suppose you don't want to spend any time and energy on these decorations. In that case, handleforme is here to help with all decorations.

Food, Beverage and Treats

Like all other party subjects, you can set the food and beverage according to the theme. You can decorate the cookies you make with the theme you selected, and you can choose to buy cold or hot drinks.

At the same time, you can select the right food that is easy to consume and serve, considering the guest list and your budget. You can also outsource this with catering options provided by handleforme. handleforme can also provide cotton candy cars, pop corn machines on wheels, ice cream dipensers.

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Giveaways, Goodie Bags

A new and nice tradition is to give some small gifts to all children attending the birthday celebration. These can be small toys in line with the birthday party theme, some sweet food, or similar based on your budget. handleforme is here to help you with gifts, giveaways, and goodie bags for the kids, even with customized items based on the birthday theme, like water bottles, cups, keychains, figurines, toys, etc.

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Birthday Must Have: Birthday Cake

Of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without a cake. If you wish, you can order your birthday cake at handleforme in a theme-specific way. In the same way, you can choose to make a beautifully decorated cake at home by yourself. However, considering that you are throwing a birthday party, you should remember that the cake should be decorated in a way that will stand out from the other foods. You can order the birthday cake from handleforme.

How They Will Spend Time: Adults and Children

Time must be enjoyable for everyone at parties where a child's precious family, loved ones friends are together. If you want things to go smoothly at the party you are organizing; you can plan ahead of time how adults and children will spend time together or separately.

For example, you can design some games for children and let them create new memories. Likewise, you can position it so parents and adults can watch the children safely and chat among themselves. You can also search for games that adults and children can play together for unforgettable moments at your party. It may come in handy at this point to include music, dance, and painting. handleforme has options to provide different entertainment services for children and adults to save your time and make the birthday celebration more enjoyable! These might be entertainers, magicians, clowns, inflatable games like slides and bouncy castles.


Stick to the Plan, But Be Open to Change

You may have come up with a great party plan for your child's birthday. Following this plan will ensure you have tireless fun before, during, and after the party. However, you may have to make changes at some moments or encounter unexpected surprises. You shouldn't let such situations demoralize you or your party. For this, you can make some decisions during the party.

For example, you can change the games at the party according to the guests' communication. Likewise, you can choose the time to accept and open gifts according to the party's course. When you organize your children's birthday party with handleforme, we will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Welcome Your Invitees, Good Luck

If you're organizing a birthday party, you're the host, outside or at home. So make sure your guests are welcomed and have some time with each of them for a nice goodbye at the end of the party. So when the whole birthday party is over, you can rest comfortably and think about these beautiful memories you have created.

Is it too much hassle?

If you don't want to spend your energy and time on all of those, or you don't want to face any hassle on this precious day, you can reach out to handleforme to handle everything you need from A to Z by organizing the whole birthday party. There are ready packages for the best children birthday party; you can even customize them with your wishes. Get your quotation for free now!

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