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At Handleforme, we would like to make our customers' decisions and purchase process faster. At the same time, we would like to allow our Handlers to grow their business by reaching out to more customers.

Suppose you are looking for the best birthday party ideas, birthday party planners in Dubai, party entertainers in Abu Dhabi, birthday party decoration ideas, birthday cake ideas, best photographers in UAE, inflatable bouncy castles for kids, or any other birthday party equipment. In that case, Handleforme will help you find the best ones in the UAE.

We introduce Handleforme Packages to serve this purpose. Now, our Handlers can provide their services as packages to cover different budgets and target audiences. Our customers can effortlessly organize their next event with ready-made packages and even personalize with add-ons as per their unique requirements.

Handleforme Birthday Party Packages

Handleforme Birthday Party Packages offer a wide range of options for a kids' birthday party and any other type of birthday party organization. From decoration packages to a complete package covering birthday cake, entertainers, and table setup, you can find many packages exclusively created for Handleforme by our beloved Handlers.

You can customize your selected package with various add-ons to add more fun to the party while managing your budget. All you need to do is choose the package, and on the package detail page, select the add-ons to customize your party.

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Handleforme Special Packages

We offer packages for special days under different categories on the platform. Ramadan Packages, Mothers Day Packages, Entertainment and Celebration Packages are some examples you can see on the platform.

These packages also come with specific add-ons for personalization with reasonable prices for every type of budget.

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Can I Customize The Package with Themes?

Yes, you can. After ordering your package, our experts will contact you to get your requirements further. Before preparing the order, we will ask you about the theme, colours, and other special needs.

Our Handlers will also recommend the best available options to satisfy your requirements.

How Can I Create Packages On The Platform?

If you would like to sell your packages on the Handleforme platform, you can contact us to discuss the details.

We are helping our Handlers to create the best packages with reasonable pricing on the platform. We arrange a meeting to discuss the details before we launch the packages.

How can I purchase the packages?

Once you select your package, you can directly complete your order on the platform and make the payment with your credit card. We ask you to provide some details about your event during the payment stage, such as the event date and time, and some details to understand your requirements. Once you complete the order, we will share it with our Handlers and get in touch with you to agree on the final details.

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All the packages are available across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other Emirates to help you create unforgettable memories with Handleforme. We are looking forward to helping you organize your next event together.

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