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Plan The Perfect Memorial Day for Your Father

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Our parents spent their lives taking care of us while ensuring our happiness and fulfilling our wishes. We all want to celebrate their efforts and let them know how much we appreciate them. Fathers especially sacrifice a lot for their children and try their best to fulfill their every need. Therefore, every once in a while, we should all take some time out of our days to make an effort to celebrate a day just for him.

Planning such a day to make your dad the happiest can be very tricky. It’s hard to figure out what will be the best gesture of appreciation for your dad that he enjoys. There are many different ways that you can celebrate and plant a memorable day for your dad. If you asked a man about a Father’s Day celebration, he wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but the truth is everyone deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. Here are some tips that can help you with your grand day

Spend Some Quality Time with Him

There are a million different ways to celebrate this day; however, if you were to ask a father, the most precious gift would be the company of his loved ones. As we grow up, we spend less and less time with our family and more time engaged to our work or perhaps some friends. Spending some quality time without interruptions from the outside world can be the best present for your dad. Writing a sweet message on a wrapped gift box is touching, but nothing says love and appreciation like making time out of your busy schedule to reconcile with your old man.


Putting On His Choice of Entertainment

Adults don’t often get to entertain their hobbies and interests. A great way to appreciate your dad would be to let him choose the entertainment for the day. Whether it’s the type of music he enjoys, your dad’s favorite sports, or the movie genre he prefers to watch. Take his likes and dislikes into consideration and plan the entertainment around that. It would give him immense pleasure that his kids were thoughtful enough to prioritize him and celebrate his interests.

Involve the Whole Family

The best way to surprise your dad would be to gather all the people he loves. With all of his children gathered, he is bound to have a nostalgic but amazing time. Whether it ends up being a large party or a quaint setting, being surrounded by all of your loved ones will always be appreciated. You can go around limitations by doing video calls or recorded messages.


Get a Campfire going.

What’s another best way to end an evening full of laughter and loved ones than to get a fire going in the backyard? The crackling fire on a breezy evening and some toasted smores is the way best way to a happy, comforting, and memorable day for you. Dads love nothing more than setting up fires and sharing their experiences with their young ones.

Host Game tournaments to appeal to his competitive side

If your dad is the fun, playful, and active sort of person, party games are the way to go. It could either be a family trivia night or maybe more ridiculous and customized versions of party games. This is a fun way to spend the day together with your dad and make some good memories with him. So have his favorite snacks and drink on standby and spend the day having fun, playing silly games, and vowing to break each other’s high scores.


Appreciate his BBQ Game

The signature dad hobby is breaking out the grill on a warm day. Planning a barbeque with all your family can be a great gift to your dad. Let him have his fun with the grill, flip burgers, and serve sliders. Keep the cold beverages coming, and the dads will have the best day. It’s not only a great way to endorse his hobby but also lets you spend some time together sharing stories and catching up with everyone.

Sit Together for Old Times’ Sake

Taking a walk down memory lane is a favorite for every dad. They don’t only get to impart their wisdom and life experience, but they also get to entertain their kids by recalling all the mischiefs they got into in their college days. You could ask him about his parents and childhood. It’s a good way to bond over a father-child moment as he talks about his parents and childhood experience and compares it to yours. Not only will this be some quality time spent together, but ell also is a good bonding moment for him and his children.


These are some of the ways you can plan a memorable day for your dad and create a gesture. There are many other ways you can show your appreciation. Just know what your dad likes and plan your day around that. You can never go wrong with a big old hug and heartfelt thank you for your dear old dad.

Happy Fathers Day! :))

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