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Handleforme provides a technology platform for small business owners to start and grow their businesses by providing the necessary tools. You can create your profile on Handleforme and start selling your services immediately.

In this article, we would like to guide you through the process of creating your profile and tell you how we can help you in your journey. But before that, let's look at the UAE digital landscape.

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UAE Digital Landscape: UAE Digital Penetration & UAE Digital Payments Statistics

We live in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most innovative countries in the World. We have the most iconic buildings, innovative government services, futuristic bank branches, cashless payments, and anything we can dream about to simplify our lives. As a result, there is an app or website for almost anything we need in our daily life.

There is a huge demand for service requirements across the country. UAE has a population of 9.99M (2021), and 99% of the residents have access to the internet in the country. 97.6% are smartphone users, and e-commerce penetration is 69.4%. The number of Debit Cards reached 10.2M while the same number for credit cards is 8.8M.

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The pandemic accelerated the digitization of the market. 73% of the consumers shop more online than before the pandemic. Contactless payment transactions reached 88% in the same period. All of these metrics are pointing in the same direction: You need to digitize your business, or you will lose your customers.

Why should I use Handleforme?

Many tools in the market can help you run your business digitally. However, there are "many of them", which means you need to understand which ones to use, subscribe to them, set them up, and know how to use them. When you set up your business, there are many other things you need to focus on to run your business. Hence, to avoid unnecessary costs and disturb your focus on business growth, Handleforme makes things easier.

We provide the payment system, we do the marketing to bring customers for you, and we give you all the necessary tools to manage your data, including the CRM functions you require. We promote your business on social media platforms within our marketing plan. All you need to do is focus on the quality of your services, choose the customers and run your business. Handleforme takes care of the rest.

What is required to become a Handler?

First of all, please read this article to get familiar with the word "Handler" in the Handleforme ecosystem. Handlers are the service providers at Handleforme. To become a Handler, you need to have the below requirements:

  • The Handler should be at least 18 years old.

  • The Handler should provide a valid Emirates ID and Trade Licence about their service. This helps keep our Platform safe for all users.

  • The Handler should have a checking account with a financial institution. This is how you'll get paid through the Platform.

  • The Handler will pay a Monthly Subscription Fee as per their selected packages (AED75/ month - the first 3 Months will be Free of Charge ). This helps us provide the best service to our Handler community.

What are the fees & charges l need to pay to do business on Handleforme as a Handler?

Let's look at the different types of fees and charges on the Handleforme Platform:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee: The Monthly Subscription fee is taken from HANDLER to provide digital services to manage their business, maintain Customer Care and support the Sales Process. The subscription fee is taken to promote and protect the Handler community from fake and low-quality handlers and use HANDLEFORME to maintain high-level service quality assurance across various HANDLERS.

  • Lead Fee: HANDLEFORME invests in Digital Marketing to promote the HANDLERS on digital platforms to help HANDLERS minimize the cost of acquiring new customers. The Lead Fee allows the HANDLERS to approach USERS to start the conversation for the job request.

  • Transaction Commission Fee: HANDLEFORME takes a commission for each completed job on the Platform. The commission fee is taken from the HANDLERS once a job is completed. As HANDLEFORME, we spent the effort to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and delivery of the job with the expected quality. The transaction commission fee is taken for this purpose.

How can I register on the Platform?

The handler registration process is straightforward. Please watch the video below to understand how you can register your business better:


In our first webinar with the Handler community, we showed them the registration process step-by-step and answered some questions from our Handlers. You can check the video below:


If you want to learn more about the above and many other things about becoming a Handler and starting your business on Handleforme, please visit our FAQ pages. We are looking forward to seeing you as a Handler on Handleforme soon.

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