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Find all your requirements in one single platform to organize your event, so that you can remove the hassle of planning and focus on the joyful moments with your loved ones.


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Handleforme Basics

How can I hire a service provider?

We call our service providers HANDLERs.

You can hire a Handler for your tasks by following 3 simple steps:

  • Search a Handler: The User enters the details of the job and searches for the suitable Handler to deliver the requirements

  • Chat with the Handler: The User communicates with the Handler to discuss the details and agrees on getting the job done.

  • Hire the Handler: Once agreed, the User hires the Handler by completing the order and tracking it until it is done.

Do handlers work for Handleforme?
We help users to find handlers for their jobs done, but handlers don't work for Handleforme. Instead, handlers on the Handleforme platform set their prices for their services and contract directly with their customers.
What categories can I search on Handleforme?

You can search or handle jobs in 25+ sub-categories under 'Event Category' for now. 

Handleforme will add various categories to the platform soon, and there will be something for everyone on Handleforme!

Will I pay an extra fee when I hire a handler, or it is only the service fee?
You will not pay any extra fee to the Handleforme platform to hire a Handler. You will be paying the amount which is shared as an offer to you by the Handler.
What is the payment method, do you accept cash?
We accept Mastercard and Visa-branded credit and debit cards for the payment. We don’t accept cash on the platform. Your card will get charged and the amount will be put on hold until you confirm the completion of the job.
Can I reschedule my appointment with the Handler?
Yes, you can reschedule the appointment with the Handler if the Handler agrees to it. You can use the chat to discuss the changes in your job details and ask for the Handler to send you an updated proposal.
Can I cancel my appointment with the Handler?
Yes, you can cancel your appointment with the Handler. Please note that the jobs that are cancelled more than 24 hours from the job date & time will be refunded in full, otherwise 20% will be deducted from the job amount.
How many Handlers I can reach for one service?
You can reach as many Handlers as you want for a service but you can only hire one Handler to get your job done. Please go through the Handler Profile page, check the information and read the reviews before approaching to a Handler.
How long is the Handler’s proposal valid for?
The Handler’s proposal is valid for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the proposal will be automatically cancelled, but you can still get in touch with the Handler to request a new proposal.
Can I book more than one service at the same time?
Yes, you can book as many services as you want at the same time on Handleforme platform.

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