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Purchased by 23 customers

Package Details

The service is eligible for the below type of cuisines:

  • Middle Eastern
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Thai
  • Asian
  • Western
  • European
  • Mediterranean
  • Korean
  • Continental

There are 3 types of services we provide:

One Time Service: Our chefs cook for you as per your selected menu and charge hourly (AED90/hour) for the service.

Regular Meal-Preparation Service: Our chefs design a menu together with you and regularly cook for you as per your requirement. (Starting from AED300/hour)

Party Service: Our chefs come to your party and prepare food for everyone as per your requirement. (Starting from AED150/person)

For all services, our chefs will do the cooking at your place and will clean up the kitchen after the cooking. You can purchase the ingredients or ask our chefs to do the shopping for you.

Package Description

Hire a personal chef to cook meals for one-time only, weekly or for your party, for all type of cuisines as per your requirement. Starting from AED90/hour, our chefs will cook, clean up the kitchen, and if you want, they will do the shopping on your behalf, as well.


Please contact us for different Menu options. Our chefs specialize on different cuisines and offer specialities as per your requirements.

Please note that, final service price depends on your requirements, duration of the service or your location.

FAQs about Personal Chef

Who is providing this service?

Handleforme is partnering with various chefs and catering companies to provide the service. Your service provider details will be shared based on the selected date and the services.

Does the chef bring the ingredients?

You can provide the ingredients or ask our chefs to do the shopping and provide the ingredients as per your requirements. Our chefs might charge an additional service fee for shopping. Handleforme is not responsible for the ingredients provided by the chefs.

How is cancellation policy working?

You can cancel your booking 48hrs before the service and we will refund your payment as per Handleforme policy. However, if you cancel the service within 48hrs prior to the agreed service time, we will apply a penalty as per the Handleforme Penalty Policy.

Can I customize the menu?

Yes, you can customize the menu as per your requirements. We will share with you the menu, and the ingredient lists and ask you to choose the items you want to have or drop from the menu. Our chefs will cook only the things you want for the meal.

Need Help?

You can get in touch with the Handleforme experts for your queries about this package.

Personal Chef

Starting From:
AED 300