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Purchased by 7 customers

Purchased by 7 customers

Package Details

The standard videography service includes the below deliverables:

  • Video Shooting
  • Video Editing
  • Background music

you can customize the service based on your requirements.

Package Description

Standard videography service for short shooting and video production. The service includes shooting, video editing, script writing, and background music for a single video.You can customize your service with top-quality videographers in UAE.


Please note that, we will match you with the best videographers to discuss the details and finalize the service details and pricing before we complete the deal. You can get in touch with Handleforme experts before you book this service.

FAQs about Videography

Who is providing the service?

Handleforme partners with the best videographers and photo studios in UAE to provide you with the service.

How can I discuss the details for the service?

After your order, Handleforme will contact you to discuss and agree on the service details, event theme and the details. You can discuss your specific requirements with our experts through our WhatsApp business account.

Is 1 hr enough? Can I book for longer?

We recommend you discuss the details with our experts to decide on the best service duration as per your requirements.

Does the Videographer use drones for shooting the video?

Yes, it is possible. If you require drone shooting, please mention it while booking the service. Handleforme experts will match you with the best videographers, who can use drones for shooting your video.

Need Help?

You can get in touch with the Handleforme experts for your queries about this package.