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Purchased by 8 customers

Package Details

  • NON-TOXIC, UNSCENTED & HIGH POWERED: You can use this smoke machine without any scruples because it doesn’t produce any toxic gas.
  • EASY TO USE: The fog machine with lights is easy to set up and operate.

Smoke & Fog Machine is an amazing add-on for your party.

You can use the machine indoor and outdoors, at your villa, backyard garden and public perks or terrace.

Package Description

Rent this fog machine to add fun to your party. Colourful LED Lights Effect, with 1 Wired Receiver and Wireless Remote Control, Perfect for Birthday, Wedding, Halloween, Party and Stage Effect


  • The cost of delivery may vary depending on the total number of equipments ordered.
  • Delivery fees may vary depending on unusual delivery times eg: Midnight Delivery.
  • Delivery charges may change if the event location is outside of Dubai.

FAQs about Fog Machine / Smoke Machine Rental

Can I use the machine without any supervision?

Yes, our team will show you how to use the machine and you can easily operate by yourself.

Is the fog machine dangerous for health?

No, the fog machine doesn't produce any toxic gas. However, children or any person should not directly breathe the gas with the purpose.

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Fog Machine / Smoke Machine Rental

Starting From:
AED 610