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Bartenders are the ones that make the perfect cocktail for you, and know how to make a variety of different drinks. Bartenders are the life of the party, the keepers of secrets, and the people who make sure you have a good time in your event.

Looking for a top quality bartender in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE for your next event? Handleforme can help you find the best bartender for an unforgettable party.

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Looking for a freelance bartender for your party?

Bartender services are becoming popular all across the Middle East. If you are one such person who wants to hire a freelance bartender service for an event, then look no further. We have the best bartenders in Dubai and top quality bartender in Abu Dhabi who will provide you with an A-class service.

Deciding for a quality bartender, either a freelancer or one at a proper bartender job, can be pretty tricky. We provide you with relevant reviews and guidelines so you can easily choose from all the different options we have available for you.


Why do you need Bartender Services?

Hosting an event in your house, either big or small, usually requires a lot of preparation. Shopping for various items, including food, décor, and especially drinks, will become increasingly important as the start of spring and summer is right around the corner. Hence, to make things easier for yourself, hiring a bartender for your party is a good idea. So that you can serve quality and fresh drinks to your guests and not have to worry about this part of your party.

Suppose you host a big event outdoors or indoors in a party hall. In that case, you must get a separate bar instead of letting the food caterers handle it. Drinks are usually the most essential part of an event, and they should be handled by experts. It also saves you from getting all the equipment ready, making a massive batch of them, and then storing and serving them.

Yes, you can just get soda cans or beverage bottles, but these things don’t show class and let’s be honest, they aren’t that exciting and fun. A Dubai bartender can offer you more, a good bartender with different cocktail recipes will take your party into a next level.

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What kind of drinks or services do you want?

Usually, there are many options for what you can have at a bartender service, and these people provide you with a list of all they can do for a particular event. You have to choose the beverage type, whether you want to keep it in a minimalistic style or go all out with the flavours, mostly done at a kid’s party.

You can also have hot drinks if you’re hosting at night and need some warm tones for the occasion. You then have to decide how you want to be serving the drinks, which align with the type of food you are serving.

Food-Drink Pairings:

  • If you just have snacks, you can provide many options in drinks, especially cocktails and speciality drinks, making the whole party colourful. An international bartender can help you for food-drink pairings.

  • If you are making a basic steak or seafood dinner, then lemonade or iced tea is a good option.

  • Suppose you have a good number of desserts on deck. In that case, cranberry or any other fruit drinks are a good pairing, especially with chocolate desserts.

  • There are many options in the sparkling drink category that look beautiful in a glass and pair well with fried chicken, cheese, and many pasta options.

Now you have the basic idea for the drink choices.


Equipment and Handling

Coming towards the equipment, which is very hard to manage and needs a professional hand to set it up cleanly and nicely.

  • You will need all the bartender equipment to prepare cocktails, an ice storage freezer, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, measuring cups, and many other items. Mixing drinks with proper bar tools is essential.

  • Hiring a good service will ensure that the bar is set up according to the theme efficiently managed. The bartenders can communicate well with the event organizers to create the perfect bar you have envisioned.

  • Bartenders are very professional with their handlings, and they have an excellent eye for what the guests need at what point. They can keep refilling the glasses and providing people with what they need. Their simple classic cocktails with exceptional customer service make a difference.

  • Most drinks also require special garnishes and little fruit umbrellas, which bartenders are experts in making and can keep fully stocked. A great bartender understands the importance using the right garnishes.

  • They can also keep the stock in check and quickly re-stock anything that might be running out, so you don’t have to worry about it. Cocktail bars with a professional bartender manages the stock well.

  • They are also good at creating menus, which will be according to the food being served. Menu creation is an essential part of bartender skills.

Your Ease of Mind

Getting our top bartenders will help you enjoy your party and not take the stress of how the drinks will be managed. While attending a bartender course can help you prepare your own drinks, it might not be necessary at all. The services we offer are top-notch, and you won’t be wasting your money and time by doing everything yourself.