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Birthday and Event Planners

Great events are made possible by event organizers. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate outing or a team building event, the success or failure of the event is largely dependent on the event organizer. It is their responsibility to make sure the event is both organized and a good time. Having a good plan and understanding what needs to be done in advance can make things a lot easier for you.

Are you looking for event planning companies or event organizers in the UAE? Planning to organize your kids birthday in Dubai, Abu Dhabi? Or looking for event planners for Ramadan, engagement party, backyard party, a yacht party or any special occasion? Find the best event planning professional and event organizer for your next event at Handleforme.

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4 Essential Steps To Organize An Event

While it doesn't seem like it, every successful and memorable event is backed up by tons of effort and time. Whether you're planning a large-scale event with hundreds of people or a small intimate gathering of your loved ones, you will realise that almost every task requires external assistance.

You manage everything yourself, from catering to decor to multimedia and much more. You need to reach out to different service providers, negotiate with them, and ensure that all those tasks get done on time. Another and perhaps the most essential aspect of organising any party, gathering or event is to stay below the set budget.

Planning an event is no easy feat, and every amateur can use some best event planning tips to make their day easier. Here are 4 essential steps to organize an event by hiring a middle east event planner.


Start as soon as possible

The golden rule is to get started as soon as possible when it comes to event planning. If your event is significant, you should begin organising it at least four months ahead of time, with six months being the optimal timeline.

Even for smaller and more intimate occasions, you should prepare at least one month ahead of time.

Set a budget early on

It's most crucial to start estimating your budget as soon as feasible.

Your budget will determine many different aspects of your event, so while you don't have to have everything set in stone, it's crucial to have a rough idea of what you can spend before you start arranging anything else.

Pick a location and a date

The location and date of your event are two significant factors that will influence the rest of your strategy. Begin your venue search as soon as feasible. Even if you're holding your event in an open-air public space or your backyard, you still need to consider your guests' availability. You'll need to think about dates for your location based on seasonal elements like weather and travel accommodations etc.

Checklist for party planning

Using a party planning checklist and creating an event calendar are just two of the many things you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly. Even if you've never planned a party before, you can still throw a spectacular event.

You should create a written event plan as a roadmap for your event's success once you've calculated your budget and defined at least an approximate timeline for your event. A comprehensive event plan will significantly assist you in managing your team and arranging volunteers, as well as the entertainment aspects of the event.

Services Provided By Event Planners UAE

All these tasks and responsibilities are required to plan an optimal social event. Due to this, most people do not get the chance to enjoy their day at all. This is where catering and event planning companies step in. if you decide to hire external help and delegate all your tasks to an event organiser, you can get the best of both worlds.

You can freely enjoy the event while your party gets on smoothly, with perfect service and within budget. Not only conference event planning companies can provide you with all the required services in one place, but they can also get it done more professionally at much more in-expensive rates.

Every event planner offers many different services that you can see for yourself to make your day easy and successful.


Catering is the star aspect of any event. People expect good quality food and drinks when they attend any social gathering. Event organiser companies have catering services within every budget and various cuisines.

They can get you live bbq chefs, personal cooks and premium catering along with service staff. All this is also available in many different budget packages.

Service staff

In many events, food service is not the only thing that needs to be done. There is always a need for some service staff to get the minor tasks done. Top event planners have a service staff that can take care of various tasks for the day. Moreover, they also provide their clients with professionally trained event planners in Dubai that keep check of all the tasks that need to be done and oversee the whole process of the event from pre-planning to overview.

Entertainment and decor rentals

Decor and ambience can set the mood for the day. Classy and up to theme decor is the key to creating the perfect environment for a good time. Events also require a proper multimedia setup.

Moreover, kids' birthday event planners also need entertainment rentals such as bouncy castles, magic shows, etc. All these decor and entertainment rental services are provided by the event organiser Dubai.

Wedding event organisers have entire budget packages with different decor settings, catering staff and other luxurious offers.