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Bouncy and Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable equipment rentals are a great tool to have on hand for a wide range of events. They're an affordable, easy to store, and easy to transport option that can be used for just about anything. Inflatable equipment rentals are a popular choice for company picnics, school carnivals, birthdays, and more. They can be used for games, for entertainment, and for safety. There's a wide variety of inflatables to choose from, including bouncy castles, bouncy slides and bouncers as party rentals.

If you are looking for inflatable equipment rentals for kids birthday in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or across the UAE, you are at the right place. At Handleforme, we help you find the top quality inflatable equipment rental companies with professionals to help you create a memorable party.

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Looking For Inflatable Equipment Rentals For Your Event?

Inflatable equipment rentals are a whole other level of fun and excitement for children and sometimes adults. Trampolines, bouncy houses, other such games, and inflatable clowns are all available to you through inflatable rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. Many Dubai inflatable rental companies provide people with the best quality of their products. We can all source party rentals for you through our page.


What Basics Of Inflatable Rentals To Keep In Mind?

Now coming to the basics, when hiring inflatable rental companies in Dubai or UAE, you have to look for a few basic things that will help you.

  • The first one is the authenticity of the company. You have to check when they were established and how professional they are in their workings. We provide you with credible inflatable rentals companies in Dubai.

  • Do check the place where you want to set it up. Inflatable rentals usually need ample open space to be completely blown up to their size. If you're doing it indoors, check the height of the ceilings before ordering and then select the appropriate size according to your venue.

  • Check the inflatable equipment rentals for safety measures and whether they've done any childproofing to their equipment. Make sure to check the children's ages and keep that in mind when ordering the products.

  • You should ask for references from the companies. We can provide you with various references from the inflatable rentals Abu Dhabi or Dubai. You can talk to the people and ensure that the company serves what it promises.

  • Check for proper power outlets near the place you want to set it up so that that blower can work effortlessly to inflate the whole thing in one go without any power issue.

  • Some inflatable rentals UAE take a deposit to confirm your order. You should try to give it as well even if they don't ask for it as you must have security for your order.


What are the different services you can get?

There are many types and quality of services that these inflatable rental companies provide to you. It depends on your ease of mind and your preference to which inflatable castle or inflatable slides you want to get.

  • What these inflatable equipment rentals do is that they bring their equipment, whatever they have available, as per your request. Service providers come and set it up entirely by pumping air in them and then leave it to you for the time you want it. After the event is over, they slowly deflate it and then take it back. The one back-drop to this is that they will charge you for the delivery service.

  • Another option is to pick up the equipment from the company yourself and then give it back. You will select which one you want over the phone or website and come pick it up.

For example, assume you have contacted an inflatable bouncy castle rental company. They will provide you with the bouncy house of your chosen size, blower, and four stakes, and you will have to set it up yourself. This gives you extra time with the equipment, and you can get rid of delivery charges.

  • Inflatable rentals Dubai are of various types themselves in terms of their equipment. Even though inflatable bouncy castle rentals are the most common ones, there are other options as well, like a giant cartoon and clown inflatables and several games that include bouncy balls castle filled with small colourful balls. Other obstacle bouncy castles are also a good option for kids ages 8 to 12 years.

The Best Option For Your Party

Inflatable games, water slides, a bounce house can be utilized for optimum enjoyment as they are highly comfortable for the parents to get for their children. In terms of other games, they are relatively safe and keep the children occupied. They bring an element of colour to the parties and are a highlight whenever they are rented for a party. All kinds of Birthday parties and other outings should include such an option to make sure everyone has a good time.