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Are you looking for food & beverages for your next event? Are you thinking about what type of catering services you should serve to your guests? Don’t think about it anymore.

Find the best catering companies, personal chefs, barbecue and grill services, bartenders, bakery chefs, cake makers & cake decorators in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. Hire top-quality professionals and let Handleforme take care of your food & beverage requirements for your next event.

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How to Find the Top-quality Food and Beverage Companies?

Have you been to an event where no food and beverage is served? Perhaps no. The reason is that food and beverage are a vital part of events such as conferences, seminars, and various other long sessions. To conduct a successful event choosing the right caterer is essential. In this article, we will give you tips about event catering, how event planners consider food and beverages for events, what should you consider hiring catering services for your next event.

Food and beverage play a critical role to show your hospitality. Delicious food and beverages help you establish a valuable connection with your guests. Moreover, the food we consume is linked to our physical state, thoughts, and mood. Therefore, an event with the best quality food and beverages will make guests happier and more engaged.


Often food and beverage are an afterthought in event planning. However, since it is one of the essential items in the budget- it's necessary to consider it in advance. Amid all other activities for event planning that keep you busy, a top-quality food and beverage company will be the best bet.

So, what are the important factors you should look for while choosing a top-quality food and beverage company for events? Let's check out our top tips to pick the right caterer for your event- all sourced from our event planning experts.

Check for Reviews of Catering Services

Reviews provide you with the ratings as well as opinions of customers. After going through the reviews, it's easy to choose the food and beverage company. We recommend checking the reviews on Handleforme Handler profile pages, which will give you a clear view of the jobs completed by the catering company.

Google has made it easy-breezy to get access to the reviews of various companies. With the insights, you can decide whether the company is a potential catering service provider or better to be cut off the list.


Referrals for Best Catering Services

Handleforme lists you the best food and beverages providers in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. When you search and list the Handlers, you can go through their profiles and, for the ones you like, get referrals from people you know. Moreover, you can use Instagram or Facebook posts and ask your peers about the best caterers with which they have had a great experience.

Past Work of Catering Services Provider (Photos, Videos, and Testimonials)

To stay on the safe side, it is always better to ask for the company's past work. **Great food and beverage companies **are always ready to show off their excellent past work. Before signing contracts with the company, ask for references from their past work and ask for food samples, too. It will assist you to compare different companies on your list.

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Catering Experience- The supreme Component to choosing Catering Services

The most crucial of all is to consider the experience of the caterers on your list. The quality of any organization can be judged by its expertise. The more experienced the catering, the better the results.

Check Certifications by Food and Beverage Authorities

The next thing is to check for the company's certifications you are considering. The accreditation can include culinary training accreditations and a Food safety Manager certificate. Moreover, make sure that the company is licensed for alcohol and foods they are offering.


Investigating Preparation and Execution Capacity

While enlisting the caterers, keep in mind that they are responsible for providing services too. Therefore, considering how the food and beverage are prepared and served plays a decisive role in the quality, your guests receive. Ask the caterers detailed questions like:

  • Where will the food be prepared?

  • Will it stay fresh if transported after being cooked in their kitchen?

  • If they provide a mobile kitchen service in case there is no kitchen at the venue?

  • How will you serve the food and beverage?

  • How many waiters will you provide?

  • What cutlery will be used? (Biodegradable or reusable)

The top-quality caterers provide on-site cooking so that the food may not lose its freshness and appetite. Moreover, they have personal chefs to provide barbecue and grill services on the spot. In addition, they also provide bakery chefs with teatime food. They have personal cake makers and cake decorators to offer their customers the best experience.


Variety of Party Food and Beverage

Another crucial point to note is to inquire the companies if they have a variety of options for food and beverages. Why? The reason is that not everyone in your guests eats the same type of food. Possibly there can be guests who may have dietary restrictions too who may avoid oily food.

Looking for Food and Beverage Companies in UAE?

Wedding ceremonies and birthday parties are the lustres of UAE. Several food and beverage companies in UAE are providing excellent catering services. The most popular food and beverage companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi are Dean and Deluca, Global catering services, Al Jazeera international catering, and Dish. Moreover, Cedar Tree hospitality is popular due to its 13 years of experience in food and beverage in Dubai.

If you are in search of the best caterers, visit Handleforme for catering services providers and win the hearts of your guests!