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Birthday and Event Entertainers

Wondering how to keep the guests entertained while organizing a birthday or throwing a party? Finding the best birthday or party entertainers will be the solution.

Organize your kid’s birthday and see your loved one happy and entertained with quality entertainers. If you are looking for entertainment for kids in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or across the UAE, you can find top-quality entertainers for your kid’s birthday at Handleforme.

You can create unforgettable memories with entertainment for adults in your backyard gathering, by hiring quality DJs, bands & musicians in the UAE, who can provide live performances for you party. Hire the right professional for your event now."

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Do You Need Party Entertainers for Your Child's Birthday?

Birthday parties, especially for children, are fascinating events and they are looking forward to it for a whole year. Planning a kid's party is a lot different from any ordinary party. You have to keep in mind a complete set of preparations to provide the children with a fun experience. You also have to take care of all the kids who will be attending along with their parents and make sure they all enjoy a lot and get to play and generally have fun.


We have made hiring birthday entertainers extremely easy for you. We have many options for you, from birthday entertainers like clown Dubai to any other party entertainers. Many freelancers do the job perfectly, and you get to throw a very successful birthday party without any hassle.

A concept party in theme parks, Dubai Marina, Kite Beach, Aquaventure waterpark, Bollywood parks, or even luxury places such as Burj Al Arab is more fun and family friendly for kids birthday parties.

Why Event Entertainers are a must at a birthday party?

Event entertainers perform different types of skits, performances, games, and music for the children. This way, the children enjoy, laugh, play and learn new fun tricks and games.


Nowadays, the concept of hiring party entertainers for children's entertainment has become very common. Parents, grandparents, and older siblings all hire them for the children in their house to bring some amusement to the party.

Birthday entertainment is essential for children as kids need constant attention. Even if they are with other kids, they will either not thoroughly enjoy or roam around the place and mess up everything.

A proper birthday entertainer will make sure that all the kids are in one place and constantly engaged so that no one can get lost and all the kids are in sight of their parents.

Different Types of Event Entertainers:

Event entertainers are now part of every birthday party. They bring an entirely new element to the parties and do different and thrilling activities that are kids friendly and help keep the kids occupied and entertained.


  • Some event entertainers in Dubai are clowns who can dress up in bright colours and catch the attention of all the kids with their funny faces and acts.

  • Some birthday entertainers can do magic tricks and involve the kids. It creates an aura of anticipation and thrill, which keeps the children on the edge of their seats.

  • It is also very common for general party entertainers to bring along games like musical chairs, archery for kids, balls, and other props. Kids find the games very fun to play.

  • Birthday entertainment can also be done with a skit where they tell different jokes and do funny acts, making the kids laugh aloud.

  • Many party entertainers just keep mingling and make sure all the kids are having fun. They help children play games, keep them occupied and keep the spirit of the party high.

Helping You With the Party Arrangements:

Birthday entertainers are suitable for the whole party entertainment, which involves the arrangements aspect so that the adults can relax and enjoy.

  • They can help arrange the decorations and set everything up, from the balloons to the banner. Birthday entertainers know what the kids want, and they can better provide a great arrangement.

  • They have various packages that are different in what they offer. You can select the appropriate one for the kind of party entertainment you want.

  • They can create a whole stage set up if that's what you want and bring their equipment, so you don't have to arrange anything for them before they arrive.

  • You can share your ideas with the event entertainers of what your kid likes, and they will help bring that image to life as best as they can.

  • Suppose you want to have music as a part of the birthday entertainment. In that case, you can let the party entertainers know, and they will bring guitars and other instruments and just play different songs and poems for the kids.


A Fun and Stress-Free Party for All!

To enjoy yourself and your children, you must leave the party entertainment to these specialists who know how to make kids laugh and keep them involved. Yes, you can try and arrange a good party yourself. Still, these birthday entertainers in Dubai will take the whole vibe to the next level, which will be remembered for many days to come.

An entertainment agency or Handleforme is can help you to find the best event entertainers. At Handleforme, we provide you with the top quality party entertainers. Find and hire event entertainers, party entertainers or birthday entertainers now.