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Handleforme helps you to start your business or grow your existing one by matching you with quality leads as per your service preferences.


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We list your company for free. You only pay for the leads you want to take and complete the job successfully. Basically, we only charge you when you make business.


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Handleforme takes the payment from the customers on your behalf, so you don’t worry about the payment for the job. All is handled by us.


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Handleforme helps you to resolve any problems you might have with your customers. We never leave you alone.


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Handleforme Basics

What's required to become a Handler?
  • The Handler should be at least 18 years old.

  • The Handler should provide a valid Emirates ID and Trade Licence about their service. This helps keep our platform safe for all users. 

  • The Handler should have a checking account with a financial institution. This is how you'll get paid through the platform.

  • The Handler will pay a Monthly Subscription Fee as per their selected packages (AED75/ month - First 3 Months will be Free of Charge ). This helps us provide the best service to our Handler community.

Why do you ask for my Emirates ID and Trade License while Handler registration?
Building trust is essential for our business. This step ensures that all Handlers who join Handleforme are real people ready to meet new users. Handleforme Team will verify your information before confirming your registration to the platform.
How long does it take for my registration to be processed?
Processing time may change as per the category, but most registrants can begin tasking within 2 business days of finishing registration. You'll receive a notification once your registration is processed. Our Team will reach out to you If we need additional information to process your registration.
How do I get jobs as a Handler?
As the first step, you need to fill up all the necessary steps during the registration process by creating your business profile, setting up your working hours and preferences. Once you complete the registration steps and create your profile, make sure to set your price for your selected categories. When our Team approves your registration, you will start showing up in Users search results. If you don't get job invitations, consider adjusting your rates, adding availability and additional categories, and editing your profile information to make it clear to Users which services you offer. You should purchase Handleforme Credits to get in touch with the Users. Also, check the My Leads page to find more jobs and start engaging with the Users.
After I sign up as a Handler, can I start to chat with users immediately?
Before you start chatting with users, you need to tell us which jobs you're interested in. You'll do that by setting targeting preferences. You'll also need to complete your profile page by adding pictures and asking for reviews from your previous customers. You need to purchase Handleforme Credits in your Wallet to get leads and start chatting with Users.
As a Handler, how do I get paid?
Handleforme uses bank transfers to pay Handlers, so valid UAE bank account details are required. You can update your bank account details in your Wallet screen in order to get paid via the platform. Savings accounts, prepaid debit cards, and reloadable bank cards aren't valid, even if they accept direct deposits. We take protecting your personal information seriously and use the latest encryption technologies available to do so. Your information will never be shared with third parties and is for internal use only.
After I complete the job, what is the Payment Process?
  • Handleforme do the payments on Wednesdays every week for the completed jobs on the previous week (Sunday to Thursday).

    • Job Completion means that, it is completed by the handler, set as completed on the system and the related user approved this job on the platform. Then handleforme team confirms the job as completed and it will be added to next weeks payment Schedule.

    • Payment Schedule is aech Wednesday for the Previous Week's completed Jobs.

    • It will be next workday if Wednesday is a public holiday

    • This excludes the time frame to process the wire transfer between banks.

    • Payments are done from H4M bank account via bank transfer, excluding the transfer cost from handler's bank account.

    • Cheques will be used only  For handlers, that have no bank account.

    • Invoicing will be done to each handler based on the total payment.

    • VAT will be mentioned in the payment and the invoice.

What are the fees & charges l need to pay to do business on Handleforme as a Handler?

HANDLEFORME has the below fees & charges applicable to CUSTOMERS:

Monthly Subscription Fee:

The Monthly Subscription fee is taken from HANDLER to provide digital services to manage their business, maintain Customer Care and support the Sales Process. The subscription fee is taken to promote and protect the Handler community from fake and low-quality handlers and use HANDLEFORME to maintain high-level service quality assurance across various HANDLERS.

  • Monthly Subscription Fee: 75 AED / Month (Free for the first 3 months)
  • Annual Subscription: 750 AED / Year (Saves 150 AED compared to Monthly)

Lead Fee:

HANDLEFORME invests in Digital Marketing to promote the HANDLERS on digital platforms to help HANDLERS minimize the cost of acquiring new customers. The Lead Fee allows the HANDLERS to approach USERS to start the conversation for the job request. HANDLERS purchase HANDLEFORME Credits to pay for the lead fee per new job they would like to take on the Platform.

  • Lead Fee: 8 AED /per lead
  • 10 Lead Credits: 80 AED
  • 20 Lead Credits: 150 AED (Save 10 AED)
  • 50 Lead Credits: 370 AED (Save 30 AED)
  • 100 Lead Credits: 700 AED (Save 100 AED)

Transaction Commission Fee:

HANDLEFORME takes a commission for each completed job on the Platform. The commission fee is taken from the HANDLERS once a job is completed and deducted from the job amount, which the USERS pay. As HANDLEFORME, we spent the effort to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and delivery of the job with the expected quality. The transaction commission fee is taken for this purpose.

  • Transaction Commission Fee: %15 /per transaction

Penalty Fees:

HANDLEFORME may charge the customers for penalties under certain conditions refer to Terms & Cond. and Penalty Policy document.

All fees & charges are subject to change without prior notice; anytime by HANDLEFORME. The prices do not include VAT.

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