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What is a Handler?

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The term “Handler” describes the trusted and quality service providers at the Handleforme platform. It means the person who handles your job.

When we studied our branding, we wanted to cover the entire audience we serve, including the customers and the service providers. The customers we are targeting are looking for professionals to get their job done. They should be searching for the provider, agreeing on the job details and hiring them with a piece of mind. Also, the service providers should deliver the job within the expected quality standards. Meanwhile, customers should trust them confidently by understanding their skill set and experience. Basically, service providers should be handling the job for the customers as per the expectations.


Keeping that in mind, we wanted to create our own service provider community under the Handleforme umbrella and describe them with a term. The word should be easy to remember and matches what service providers are doing. As a result, we decided to call them the “HANDLERS”.

  • Service providers can register to our platform as individuals or as business owners. After registration, we run them through a verification process to verify their skill set and experiences before activating them as the platform’s Handlers.

  • We provide training sessions to our Handlers to understand the quality standards we expect to serve our customers.

  • We share our platform policies to audit their service quality to ensure our Handler community’s standard rules.


How to Become a Handler at Handleforme?

The Handler journey starts with registration at Handleforme.com. If you are a service provider, you can visit https://www.handleforme.com/signup/handler and follow the easy steps to create your Handler profile.


What is required to become a Handler

  • Handlers should be at least 18 years old.

  • Handlers should provide a valid Emirates ID and Trade Licence about their service. This helps keep our platform safe for all users.

  • Handlers should have a checking account with a financial institution. This is how you’ll get paid through the platform.

How to set up your business at Handleforme?

We take your business details during the registration process and let you set up your service preferences. You set up your working hours, display preferences, pricing information, a profile description, and also share your previous work with potential customers.



How does the Handleforme verification process work?

We take your Emirates ID and Trade License (if you have one) during the registration and do a verification check for your details. After verifying your documents, our crew reaches out to you and have a conversation to understand your skills, past experiences and your way of working. This verification process takes a maximum of 48 hours, based on your availability. If everything is okay, your profile gets activated on the platform.

Is it free to become a Handler?

Handleforme is free for the first 3 months for all Handlers. During the first 3 months, we let the Handlers try and get used to the platform. After the trial period, Handlers pay a monthly subscription fee to Handleforme to use all capabilities we offer to manage their business.


How to get customers with Handleforme?

The Handlers get customers through leads or direct interactions from the customers and the created jobs on the Handleforme platform. We ask Handlers to purchase and use Handleforme credits to get these leads and interact with the customers.

Do the Handlers work for Handleforme?

We help users to find handlers for their jobs done, but handlers don’t work for Handleforme. Instead, handlers on the Handleforme platform set their own prices for their services and contract directly with their customers.

You can get more details about the handler registration process & policies and learn more about using the system at www.handleforme.com.

Also you can visit the explore tap to get more information about the platform.

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