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Kids Entertainers

Organizing a kids birthday or playdate event with friends? Not sure how to keep them happy with different activities? There are many entertainments for kids you can organize with the support of professional entertainers.

If you are looking for entertainments for kids or kids birthday entertainers and party entertainers, such as board games, face painting, karaoke and many more entertainment activities for your event, Handleforme can help you find the best entertainers from a list of professional handlers.

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The Best Kids Entertainers for Your Next Event

Most kids want to have fun and meet up with their friends outside of school. Especially for younger kids, getting to hang out with their friends outside of an educational institution is their highlight of the week. However, planning and hosting a kid's party is no easy feat. There are ways you can plan great fun-filled activities for your kids and their friends without going over budget.

There are many party games for kids that change at a quick pace. But looking back, there are quite a few classic fun activities for kids that have been around for a long while, and kids always have fun with them.


Best indoors entertaining activities for kids

Confining enthusiastic and energetic kids to the indoors can be very challenging. You need to plan several engaging and entertaining indoor activities for kids.

There are different ways you can about it. The first thing you need to do is set a budget and plan your actions. You can also hire a party planner to help organize a fun gathering for kids.

Arts and crafts projects

Crafting is the way to go for kids ranging from 3 to 8 years old. Arts and crafts for kids are the cheapest yet the most engaging activity. They can mess around with glue, glitter, beads, paints, and other fun craft items to their little heart's desires. It is also an excellent way to plan a fun playdate for kids while the adults enjoy some family time without getting a babysitter.

Face painting

A unique feature at birthday parties and loved by all kids is face painting. All kids enjoy getting their favourite characters or loved objects painted on their faces. It is a special treat if you're holding a themed party. Just make sure to have skin-safe paints, and the best bet is to hire a professional who has experience with face painting


Sleepover party for kids is an all-time favourite. It is not very often that young kids get to do it. More importantly, it's the best way to provide kids with a space to have fun and enjoy the fun company. Professional party planners can arrange cosy sleepover setups with many different activities.

Movie nights

An absolute favourite activity among kids is movie night. They enjoy their favourite movies and tv shows together at a planned venue. You can bring large projectors, blankets, snacks, and even sleeping arrangements made for the kids. Another fun idea is to build a pillow fort and create a beautiful and fun ambience.

Fun Outdoor Activities for kids

Kids' birthday party or any other big celebration is best outdoors. Kids get to have a fun open space to run around and enjoy when you arrange outdoor activities for kids. The best course of action is to get a party planning service to make arrangements rather than putting everything yourself. They will choose activities for kids at home that are safe, fun-filled, and immersive.

Balloon twisting

Balloon twisting is an incredible attention-grabbing skill that enthrals most kids. You can hire a professional balloon twister, and the kids can have all the fun requesting their favourite objects. Kids can get involved if the guy you hire is experienced and can handle kids. A balloon twisting professional is an excellent option to hire at birthday parties since they can provide entertainment for kids for a long time, and all the kids get to have their turn in a fun activity.

Bouncy castle

The bouncy castle is a classic activity that is the centre of attraction at all parties. Kids of all ages can enjoy it. Even adults can have some fun jumping around once in a while.

You can get bouncy castles according to your kid's liking for many different themes and characters. They tend to be expensive, and the best option is to hire a bouncy castle rental service.

Clown show

Another perfect way to entertain a hoard of kids at a birthday party is to hold a clown show. It is fun for kids as well as an affordable and entertaining show. Hired clowns have many tricks up their sleeves, including bubble shows, puppets, fun activities, etc. Another fun twist to a clown show would be hiring costume characters to enthuse the kids.


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