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Spring is the ideal time to host an outdoor children's party. Whether it's for a child's birthday, Easter, or appreciating the weather and warm sun of spring in the backyard or at a neighbourhood park, a party is always appreciated. A party is a great way to enjoy the excellent weather, the beauty of flowers and trees after a dry season, or the liveliness of the flowers and the grass filled with bright colours. Unique spring break ideas can lead to a perfect spring break vacation.

We all knew it was coming, but it feels like spring break arrived unexpectedly. So now, you don't have any ideas for keeping the children busy and entertained for their much-awaited spring break. Arranging a party for kids and teens can be very tricky.


It is undoubtedly hard to develop the perfect activities for the day. But the event decorators at HandleForMe can guide you in throwing just the ideal event filled with spring break ideas for teens and children.

In this article, we wanted to share some spring break ideas for families to help you organize your holiday.

Throw The Perfect Spring Party for Your Kids and Their Friends!

Nothing will bring more joy to your kids than inviting their friends over and throwing a lavish party. Kids like to hang out with their friends and explore different things, and throwing a party is the perfect way to let them do that!

Of course, you can choose to have a regular party or go overboard and plan a whole week for your kids and their friend! But to do that, you might need to consider the best spring break activity ideas to ensure that your party is colourful and fun for the kids.


Since the weather is usually beautiful during the springtime, you can choose to have a party in an indoor and an outdoor setting. Thousands of cool spring break ideas can be executed to make your party lively and energetic. All you need to do is have a vague idea of what you want, and our event planners will set it out perfectly for you.

Spring Party Activities for Kids

After some cold days of winter spent outside, your kids will want to spend most of their spring break time out in the beautiful sunny weather. You can involve yourself in the activities with your kids or arrange an activity-themed day for the children. Some of the fun spring break ideas can be carried out indoors, while for others, you will need to take the kids outside for them to enjoy it properly.


Below is an elaborate list of cheap spring break ideas that you can include in your activity-themed day. You can even do these activities on a relaxing spring weekend with your family.

  • You can set up a challenging obstacle course for your kids in the backyard

  • A dance-off is going to pump up the kids

  • Play classic outdoor games like hiding and seek, hopscotch and a spring-themed scavenger hunt

  • You can use things from nature like leaves, twigs, and flowers to make spring-themed collages

  • Try involving kids in baking competitions and decorate cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with edible flowers!

  • Make DIY feeders for birds and encourage bird watching

  • Do crafty activities like homemade cards, painting rocks and making paper lanterns.

These are just many of the few unique spring activities, and you can trust HandleForMe to turn these ideas into a perfect day for you and your loved ones. Check out the entertainers for kids to help you with some more great ideas.

Event Décor That is All About the Season

One of the most essential parts of any party is the décor. You set the theme with the kind of décor you choose and create the vibe you want to go with. For example, a spring party for kids asks for colourful drapes, flowers, toys, accessories, and cutlery. Everything needs to be bright and exactly how you expect a beautiful spring!

Checkout our event & venue decorators, florists, baloonists if you need any services.

Spring Themed Snacks

No party is completed without a suitable menu, and there is nothing that kids love more than tiny things! So, make sure that you include tasty snacks that appeal to the kids, and they can quickly eat them without creating a mess.


The last thing you want to forget for a spring part is the desserts! There are millions of options that you go with since children love to devour everything sweet! You can go with spring-themed cookies, cakes, custard or even chocolates. Just make sure that you know your guest's preferences so that everyone has something that they love! Our professional bakery chefs or catering service providers can help you for anything you need.

Apart from the things mentioned above, there are many different things that you can do for your kids during spring break. All you need to do is contact our experts at Handleforme, and we will get back to you with the most personalized spring break party ideas for kids. We ensure that you will spend the best spring break with your kids!

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